sand, augmented reality, manipulated photographs, iron nails, CGI animation mit AI generated film

PAST IN PROGRESS is a Sci Fi based installation and refers to Donna Haraway‘s invitation to think further about her narrative „Camille‘s Stories“;
Several generations of a human female were given through genetic motification an ability of the endangered fire salamander. Through the so-called dormancy she can store fertilized eggs until she decides to carry them to better conditions. In addition, the work also questions in a Haraway sense what is the community of the fire salamander. The artist herself has seen the animal the last time in her childhood in Thuringia. There it became extinct. She explores the question, who was able to protect it there years ago? Are there disruption narratives that have made the community, in this case the environmentalists of the GDR, invisible?
Who were these people and what can we learn from them today?

sponsored by Neustart Kultur and BBK Berlin