From a wild weird clime.
AR Installation
Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence

From a wild weird clime, is an augmented reality piece. Parts of it is permanently situated along the art trail within the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. It emerged during a five-week residency in collaboration with onsite natural scientists. Positioned in an area highly impacted by climate change in Germany, this creation explores the dwindling existence of the "raue Nelke" flower. It interacts with its surroundings as a digital sci-fi protagonist, an entity part-human, part-plant.

This digital being seamlessly references a wooden engraving on-site, blurring the boundaries between the digital and the tangible. These components integrate with digital elements from the landscape, allowing us to witness, even in its digitally scanned form, the grand oak tree that currently bestows its charisma upon this tableau vivantes-like location.

Monocultures have profoundly shaped this place and its resilience. The avatars, entities that are part-human and part-non-human, gesture towards the prevailing genius loci, signaling a potential future. Even after the tangible oak tree has been felled, its digitally rendered counterpart will persist as a digital specter, fragmented yet vivid at this crossroads.