Live simulation

APORIA is a virtual world consisting of a digital live simulation as well as paintings and sculptural objects that transcend the virtual and the real.

This way APORIA negotiates the sociological processes of closed and open societies. Above all, „Crowds and Power“, a work of Elias Canetti has become a significant influence on the work. The behavioral dynamics analyzed in the book are transfered to 60 individuals with their very own artificial intelligence (AI). They inhabit the world of APORIA in the form of human avatars. Through complex algorithms, these AI‘s are able to explore their environment and decide on individual actions. A part of them is acting more close-minded and tends to build walls or to act according to a strong order principle. The other part tends to be open and moves more unlimited. All ‚subjects‘ meanwhile follow daily human routines until the moment when a ‚disturbance‘ in the form of a stranger appears - on which the inhabitants of the virtual world can react differently. Groups are formed, and leaders appointed. The dynamics coming into force now are the central topic of this work.

exibited at:
"the new infinity", Berliner Festspiele, Zeiss Planetarium, Berlin
Haus am Lützowplatz, 2. Platz DKB VR Kunstpreis
VRHAM, Hamburg
Digital Bodies, Artemisgalerie, Lissabon
Digital Arts Festival Athen

screenshots and trailer of the live-simulation:

Aporia from patricia detmering on Vimeo.